Abigail’s Designs – Price vs Quality

Price vs Quality

Since I began producing my own jewellery line, I sold in many different scenarios. The one scenario most artists spend a lot of time analysing is watching people value or devalue their creations at markets.

A few months ago I attended a market where a request was for pearls. One particular day almost every single women who visited me, rubbed my pearls. I joked saying perhaps there’s a Genie in my pearl๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Yes, it is true freshwater or natural seawater pearls are warmer to touch. But so areย cultivated pearls. One cannot tell the difference. Except if one is to rub them on teeth. Yes, your teeth is the detector.
I have a range of pearls from plastic to glass, from Swarovsky to natural and cultivated pearls. Each in its own price bracket without causing my purse to swell as I thankfully appreciate the buyers purchase of my artwork.
A month ago I attended a market, and found a pearl vendor. The pieces are no different to any others. Pearls don’t need much to just be… be attractive.
I listened to the designer’s husband chat about his wife’s hobby, while I touched to test reaction. All artists place value on their craft. It’s only right to give that respect to them. After all we wouldn’t walk in Tiffany’s and throw her pearls around.
My challenge at this store was price. She’s not Tiffany’s, ย yet her prices were shockingly expensive and I withdrew.
#AbigailsDesigns has targeted the market between the cheap fashion jewellery and the more pricey fine jewellery.ย My range extends from a student’s funky fashion, to boho, to Gatsby, to chic, and to the #gemstone lover.ย Each piece has history, each stone has a story, the metal has travelled oceans. And goes without saying a lengthy process of meticulously designing every piece with a particular person’s taste in mind, or fashion trend.
I endeavour to conciliate the buyer with both design and price. Authenticity guaranteed!

#HandmadeJewellery #CapeCreatives #CapeMarkets #OnceOffJewelleryPieces #OffTheEdgeJewelleryConcepts.

— Abigail Robichon
Owner and Manufacturer of Abigailโ€™s Designs

Page:ย https://www.facebook.com/abigailsdesigns
Page :ย https://www.instagram.com/abigailsdesigns

Enhancing the natural beauty of semi-precious stones and in turn lifting the spirits of the person wearing it.

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