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Our Story

owned by a proudly South African business woman, Abigail Robichon is the Designer and Manufacturer  at Abigail’s Designs.

Each of Abigail’s Designs are individually designed and hand crafted using the finest quality semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls with every day materials and finished with metal components such as Silver, Pewter and Copper. Abigail’s unique style creates a collection of diverse, colourful and desirable pieces. Her signature is her ability to combine colours and forms in an original and appealing way. Abigail believes this creates jewellery that enhances the natural beauty of the stones and lifts the spirits of the person wearing it.

Abigail’s Designs create Timeless Jewellery Pieces and Custom Creative Fashion for all occasions.


I venture to engage  and involve viewers in a visual conversation about body adornment. I use semi-precious, and common materials in combinations that can be surprising. The result conceived is multifaceted, always evocative and functional. My work is my commitment as an artist to raising the awareness of gemstone wearing as an art form, and exploring ways in which art can be manifested in everyday life.