How to Care for Abigail’s Designs Handmade Jewellery

How to Care for Abigail’s Designs Handmade Jewellery When you want an individualized look, you wear handmade jewellery, but wearing these unique pieces of jewellery means you’ll need to clean them as they are exposed to chemicals, the elements and the little messes of everyday life. Because handmade jewellery is so delicate, caring for it requires special measures. Keep your handcrafted […]

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Do you love wearing brooches?

Brooches Truthfully… my grandmother and mother have influenced my love for jewellery from early childhood. Interestingly enough, my love for wearing brooches is mainly during winter. I suppose because we wear bulky jerseys or cover up with jackets. Hence the reason I adorn with brooches in winter. Previously, placement was key. A brooch always worked when worn, […]

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Abigail’s Designs – Price vs Quality

Price vs Quality Since I began producing my own jewellery line, I sold in many different scenarios. The one scenario most artists spend a lot of time analysing is watching people value or devalue their creations at markets. A few months ago I attended a market where a request was for pearls. One particular day […]

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